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Maybe It Was All a Dream June 24, 2010

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When I arrived at the Eco Yoga Park the place looked pretty empty because I arrived during the yoga class. From the temple where the daily afternoon class takes place I could see someone coming out the side door so I started walking towards him. When he approached me and introduced himself as Martin from England, I got the immediate impression that this was the most chillaxed person I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everything from his soft-spoken voice, the look in his eyes, his slow and peaceful walk and movements had me feeling calmer by the second which is great considering the stress I put myself under getting out there. Since he was the first person I met and he showed me around and I assumed everyone must be this chilled out and wondered if that’s what happened to you when you came here.

Boy was I ever wrong about that 🙂 (more…)


La Tortuga Feliz….in the end- just not feeling it May 1, 2010

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I was able to walk to the bus station listed on my directions and instructions for pick up to get to La Tortuga Feliz from my hostel in San Jose, Tranquilo Backpackers. I had to take a bus to Baatan and would then be met by someone from the project and would continue on. I met another girl on the bus ride over who was also going to be volunteering named Michaela from Austria. She had met someone at her hostel the night before who had just finished her volunteer time at La Tortuga Feliz and had given her a little background. Apparently, the bug bites were a big problem so I was happy I had plenty of DEET…and not that silly 5% nonsense they sell in Costa Rica but the 90% straight up poison deet. (more…)


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