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Back to the USA for 2 weeks…..LESSONS LEARNED in the first 3 months of travel July 27, 2010

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Im going to take this point in my blog where I spent 2 weeks back in the states visiting family and having an absolute blast at the Lightning in a Bottle music festival to go over a bit of “lessons learned” in the past 3 months of my travel abroad. I had never really done much travel outside of the country besides Mexico and this was my first time getting out in the world on my own and really pushing myself out of my comfort zone so I had (and still have) a lot to learn. I don’t feel like Mexico really counts because everywhere I went in Mexico was so touristy that I never really had to stop speaking English and living in San Diego, we have a pretty good sense of Mexico anyways. (more…)


44 km trek through Corcovado Park and my first night in San Jose April 16, 2010

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Rica and I woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning ending Semana Santa to catch the first water taxi to mainland so she could continue to San Blas and I could return to Corcovado for some trekking through the jungle with a nature tour guide I had met there before. We arrived in Almirantes, Panama and proceeded to watch bus upon bus arrive full and leave even fuller. This is when we began to realize that maybe this was not going to be a good traveling day. It seemed that EVERY person in Central America was off for the holiday and heading home…..today. DOH! (more…)


PANAMA! Panama-A-a-A-a-Aaaa

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FINALLY! I was on my way to BOCAS!!! I decided to take a shuttle from Rocking J’s that would get me all the way to Isle Colon, the main island of Bocas Del Toro. Some where along the way, I realized that everyone on my shuttle had reservations somewhere and that it was expected to completely fill up for Semana Santa. But I knew better than to worry at this point because it doesn’t help and it would probably work itself out in true pura vida style anyways. Wait, I wasn’t in Costa Rica anymore……..hrmmmm. Hope the pura vida mantra still applies down in Panama. Panama-a-a–a-aa! (more…)


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