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Back to the USA for 2 weeks…..LESSONS LEARNED in the first 3 months of travel July 27, 2010

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Im going to take this point in my blog where I spent 2 weeks back in the states visiting family and having an absolute blast at the Lightning in a Bottle music festival to go over a bit of “lessons learned” in the past 3 months of my travel abroad. I had never really done much travel outside of the country besides Mexico and this was my first time getting out in the world on my own and really pushing myself out of my comfort zone so I had (and still have) a lot to learn. I don’t feel like Mexico really counts because everywhere I went in Mexico was so touristy that I never really had to stop speaking English and living in San Diego, we have a pretty good sense of Mexico anyways. (more…)


36 Hours in Chile July 22, 2010

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When I woke up, we were somewhere between Salta and the border of Chile in the middle of nothing but the scenery was amazing. You could see the Andes in the distance and the colors of the landscape were breathtaking. Every once in a while we would pass an area that was completely white like snow, but it’s the middle of the desert so I assume it was some of the infamous salt flat areas. I was pretty much in and out of sleep for most of the journey but was impressed with the surroundings each time I happened to wake up and look out the windows.

view from the bus on the drive to Chile

The strangest thing about crossing the borders was that you stopped to exit Argentina and then we must have driven for at least another hour or so before we entered Chile. I’m not even sure how that works…..it’s like we were in no man’s land. I wonder who has jurisdiction? I mean granted there was nothing in between but if you killed someone out there, who is coming after you? Just a thought…. (more…)


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