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The Western Islands and Coast of Thailand September 17, 2010

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We arrived in Surat Thani sometime around 7am to wait for our bus to take us to Phuket. When our bus arrived, the woman told us it was full BUT that didn’t mean we weren’t getting on it, it just meant we weren’t getting a seat! Scott was so surprised that we were even standing on the bus but I had had a similar bus situation in Central America and knew what was I was dealing with. We piled in and were standing asses to elbows for the first hour or so but as the bus would stop and people got off we were able to eventually grab some seats one by one. Scott and I passed the time by “people watching” our crowded bus since we couldn’t very well sleep standing up. When the bus ticket employee Thai dude was collecting tickets and pushing his way through the crowded bus, I watched him wake up this guy who looked like he had been through hell and back when he was woken up for his ticket. He was crashed hard on his neck pillow and only woke up long enough to yell at his friend across the aisle to give the man his ticket. Something about his obvious disorientation caught my and Scott’s attention and we gave each other a look and smiled like “that guy had a rough one…hahaha”. (more…)


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