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Tuk-tuk’n the streets of Bangkok August 22, 2010

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When the plane landed in Bangkok at 2am and I was waiting in the immigration line, I noticed a big muscular “All American” looking guy in line behind me mainly because he was good looking. When I saw him again at the baggage claim and realized I was going to have to take a cab by myself into Bangkok at 230 in the morning to a hostel having no idea what kind of area it was in, I decided if it was better if I was with a strong muscular man than on my own. I waited to see if he had a backpack or luggage because if it was a backpack then I was going to ask him to share a cab. Luckily for me, not only did he have a backpack, but also a yoga mat tucked into the back so he MUST be cool. Turns out he had no plan and was just going to sleep in the airport and then plan to head south so he was open to joining me at a hostel for a night and figuring things out from there. I didn’t know it at the time, but approaching Scott at the airport was the beginning of two and a half wild weeks we would be spending traveling around Bangkok and the beaches and islands of southern Thailand. (more…)


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