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Buenos Aires…the “Latin” NYC June 27, 2010

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I figured getting back to Buenos Aires from the Eco Yoga Park would be no problem since I was essentially just going in reverse. But is still turned out to be extremely challenging because of my lack of ability to communicate in Spanish. I cannot stress this enough….if you learn the language of the country you are in, it will GREATLY improve your travels. At one point in Moreno, I sat down at the train station and cried and actually said out loud, “I HATE Argentina!” I hate it!”. Yep- that’s me throwing a fit and having a pity party because I couldn’t figure out how to use the phones to call Nahuel and let him know I was on my way to his house. When I was done feeling sorry for myself, I wiped my tears, picked up my ridiculously heavy bag and went to find the correct train. The correct train turned out to be some sort of crackhead commuter train. I mean literally, the seats were all ripped out of one whole section and there were people sitting on the ground smoking cigarettes and weed and a bunch of other people trying to avert their eyes from anyone else. It was a super sketchy train but I just minded my own business and ended up back in Buenos Aires and walking back to Nahuel’s place. (more…)


Maybe It Was All a Dream June 24, 2010

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When I arrived at the Eco Yoga Park the place looked pretty empty because I arrived during the yoga class. From the temple where the daily afternoon class takes place I could see someone coming out the side door so I started walking towards him. When he approached me and introduced himself as Martin from England, I got the immediate impression that this was the most chillaxed person I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everything from his soft-spoken voice, the look in his eyes, his slow and peaceful walk and movements had me feeling calmer by the second which is great considering the stress I put myself under getting out there. Since he was the first person I met and he showed me around and I assumed everyone must be this chilled out and wondered if that’s what happened to you when you came here.

Boy was I ever wrong about that 🙂 (more…)


Buenos Aires for a Day and Off to an Imaginary Place June 5, 2010

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My flight for Argentina left Costa Rica on a Sunday afternoon and was SUPPOSED to arrive in Buenos Aires Monday morning but the fog and/or smog was so thick that our plane couldnt land and had to continue on to Cordoba to land, refuel and wait until things cleared up. So my first 4 hours in Argentina were spent sitting on the airplane in Cordoba. I kept dosing off and waking up thinking, “My Lord are we STILL here???” When we finally arrived in Buenos Aires I noticed one other American girl because we both got kicked out of the immigration line to pay the fee that Americans are required to pay. Then again downstairs I ran into the same American girl in the bathroom and was so close to saying something about heading to a hostel together but didn’t. Then when I paid for the shuttle bus and got on, who should be sitting there but the very same American girl?!? Obviously there was a reason we kept literally bumping right into each other and I am pretty sure it is the law of attraction (not physical attraction but the spiritual sense). After chatting for a few minutes with Jayme, it turns out that we are heading down the same path only she happened to be about a year ahead of me. (more…)


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