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Muy tranquilo March 29, 2010

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I set out early Saturday morning to head north….not sure exactly where yet, but definitely north out of the Osa Peninsula. I walked from Puerto Jimenez to the docks to catch the 8am ferry to Golfito because I heard the bus ride was shorter on the mainland because the roads were much better. It was only around 7am and was already sweating profusely. This heat was relentless to say the least. I mean come on…..730 in the am and its hotter than hell. I had to wait in the heat for the ferry to Golfito to take a long ass bus ride up towards to San Jose to either transfer to Monteverde or stop at a farm in the mountains of San Isidro where my nuevo amigo Jake from Sierpe would be staying and had painted me such a beautiful picture. When I made it to Golfito, I got some wifi and got in touch with Jake. I was pretty miserable at the moment from all the heat since I had arrived and when he said it was cool and breezy where he was on the farm….welllllll he need not say anymore. (more…)


Keep heading south March 24, 2010

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After a long and bumpy bus ride on some of the worst roads I have ever seen, I finally arrived in Puerto Jimenez at the bottom of the Osa Peninsula. I was determined to go there to see Corcovado Park which is the most untouched and largest rainforest region in Costa Rica or at least the Osa Peninsula and because its so hard to get to, there isnt as much traffic and there is an abundance of wildlife. When I stepped off the bus, I wasnt really sure where to go. I had contacted a couchsurfer for a place to stay but because I had left Sierpe in such a rush I wasnt sure if she got my email yet so I would have plenty of time to kill until she got off work at 4pm. (more…)


Two Days in Sierpe March 22, 2010

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After a lovely couple days in Quepos and Manuel Antonio, it was time for me to move to my next destination in Sierpe and for my first couchsurfing experience. I had spoken to Trevor and he said I should just call when I arrived and he would meet me in town. When I called the house he wasnt there but apparently he had a roomie named Jake I was unaware of who offered to come pick me up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he rode a motorcycle and it felt so nice to cruise on the back with the wind to cool me off in the heat. Sierpe is in the middle of a maze of rivers and mangroves and Trevor and Jake’s backyard opened up right into Rio Sierpe. (more…)


One week down…. March 18, 2010

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Well today marks the first complete week I have been here and it really feels like its been about 3 already which makes me wonder how Im going to feel in May when my Central and South American adventures are coming to a close.  I am feeling pretty good about my travels and whats to in store for the next few weeks. I think getting the bag stolen right away was truly a blessing because it has been nothing short of sweltering and am already wishing I had about half the stuff that still remains to carry on my back. (more…)


Off to a rough start but got to admit it’s getting better March 14, 2010

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I have arrived in Costa Rica and it was one hell of a way to get started. I left Colorado and it was 35 degrees and snowing and landed in San Jose, Costa Rica at 8am and it was about 100 and hell degrees. Waaaaaay hotter than I imagined. When I got to the bus station (which is a complete nightmare if youre not speaking the language) I discovered that I had just missed the DIRECTO bus and would have to take the COLECTIVO bus which makes many stops along the way, or sit and wait for 3 hours in the heat for the next DIRECTO. I met some a nice Canadian girl and her mom taking the same bus who helped me get orientated a bit. I threw my pack into the bottom of the bus and kept my electronics (laptop, camera, telephoto lens, Kindle, ipod and chargers) in my carry on backpack with me on the bus. I put it above me and away we went. I think you can already see where this is going and it isnt good…… (more…)


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